Tuesday Link-A-Mania

Today's sci-fi-shaped news round-up

• First off, a trailer for new big-budget web series Infinite , due to land on the internet in March 2014. Voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs is lined up to star as General Richter, the commander of a manned mission into a black hole.

• Be there Doctor Who 50th Anniversary spoilers ahead? Sean Pertwee (son of Jon Pertwee, Third Doctor) certainly seemed to think so, as he tweeted this oddly revealing call sheet before swiftly removing it. But what does it mean? Four ex-Doctors playing themselves? And NO TOM BAKER??

• Sir Christopher Lee is to join the Fellowship at this year’s London Film Festival. Not the Fellowship of the Ring – instead he's receiving a BFI Fellowship, long overdue for an actor who gave such incredible performances in Dracula , The Wicker Man , The Lord Of The Rings … (List continues in perpetual time loop)

• “Do not burden yourself with treasures. Take only what Lego bricks you need.” Wise words from the riders of Rohan, heeded by Goel Kim and Big J, two Lego pros who decided the official LOTR Lego playsets lacked a bit in detail. And scale. And ambition. So they built the ultimate Helm’s Deep diorama, out of 150,000+ bricks and 2000 mini-figures. It took them 18 months to plan and six months to build and by McKellen’s beard it is a thing of beauty. And there's more here!

• Want to catch up on The Walking Dead comic ahead of season four of the TV show? ComiXology has the first 114 issues available for just 99 cents (US) each – and you can get the whole lot for $99.

• And finally... If the Carrie remake is anywhere near as clever as this telekinesis prank, it's going to be well worth watching.

Thanks to Simon Moore

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