True Blood Season Five Massive Spoiler

You have been warned. Only proceed if you’ve seen the season four finale or you don’t care. The pic we’ve used here may not even be a clue…

Then again, this is True Blood , where death is no barrier to keeping your contract. Half of the characters have been dead since they joined the show.

Wesley continues, “Whatever they do, I think it’s the Golden Hour for Tara. But I don’t know how they’re going to revive me or if I’m dead. And that’s the big question: Can she be saved? I like playing a human on the show. I like not having any powers. I like being the voice of reason. But it wouldn’t be a drama if we didn’t have a shift in things. Everything’s up in the air because half of my head is missing. I know Alan has big plans for me next season. But has he shared those plans with me? Not really.”

SFX ’s will go out on a limb and predict that she’s going to be zombie (hell, zombies are the new vampires, as Arlene points out in the season four finale). Or if not, then it’ll have something to do with Terry’s old mate (the fact that Terry thought he was dead was very pointedly made). What do you reckon?

Dave Golder
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