Tribes: Vengeance Cheats

Tribes: Vengeance Cheats

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    God Mode

    First you have to activate the Console this is done by editing the 'Command Line' to the desktop shortcut;

    1 - Right-Click the Shortcut on the Desktop and select Properties.

    2 - ADD to the end of the target path " -console" make sure the space is entered to separate the 'Target Path' from the " -console".

    3- When in game press 'TAB' and the console should appear on screen, then type 'god' for Godmode... Note: you can still be hurt while in a vehicle.

    allammo - Max out ammo for current weapons

    allweapons - Get weapons for open slots

    fov - Field of view by number

    stat fps - Show frame rate

    stat all - show all stats

    stat none - Remove stat display

    stat net - Show network stats

    fly - Flying mode

    ghost - No clipping mode

    walk - walk mode (Disables fly or ghost mode)

    summon - Summon a item use list below to replace

    Energy pack EquipmentClasses.PackEnergy
    Repair pack EquipmentClasses.PackRepair
    Speed pack EquipmentClasses.PackSpeed
    Shield pack EquipmentClasses.PackShield
    Hand grenade EquipmentClasses.WeaponHandGrenade
    Spinfusor EquipmentClasses.WeaponSpinfusor
    Grenade launcher EquipmentClasses.WeaponGrenadeLauncher
    Sniper/laser rifle EquipmentClasses.WeaponSniperRifle
    Buckler EquipmentClasses.WeaponBuckler
    Mortar launcher EquipmentClasses.WeaponMortar
    Blaster/shotgun EquipmentClasses.WeaponBlaster
    Burner/plasma gun EquipmentClasses.WeaponBurner
    Rocket launcher EquipmentClasses.WeaponRocketPod
    Chaingun EquipmentClasses.WeaponChaingun
    Grappler EquipmentClasses.WeaponGrappler