Tribes: Ascend interview with Todd Harris

Developer Hi-Rez Studios may be new to the series, but Tribes: Ascend is a Tribes game through-and-through: a solid core of class-based team tactics coated in breakneck speed and precision aerial combat. We have a lot to say about the closed beta (we're loving the hell out of it), but for an inside look at the game's development, PC Gamer's Evan Lahti visited Hi-Rez for an interview with Executive Producer Todd Harris. Watch the introduction above, and select questions and topics in the videos below:

How have you approached the series' focus on high-speed movement?

What were your goals when designing maps for Tribes: Ascend?

Why use a free-to-play business model?

Tribes is all about CTF. What makes the mode so great, and what's new in Tribes: Ascend?

What weapons and vehicles have been preserved? What's new?

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