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Travel far and wide with Super Mario Odyssey for just $42 right now

Travel far and wide with Super Mario Odyssey for just $42 right now
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Die-hard Mario fan, but haven't yet spent time in Super Mario Odyssey yet? You're really missing out, for one, but right now's a great time to jump into the Odyssey and start collecting power moons, as the game is a very tasty $42 at Amazon right now. Considering this still retails for $60 this is a great saving and a notable discount that is worth jumping on if you haven't got the game already.

Thanks to Amazon, you can snag everyone's favorite plumber's most ambitious game yet, which we awarded 5 stars out of 5. "There’s so much to Super Mario Odyssey and when you consider there are over 800 Moons to find, it’s amazing that it never feels like it’s rehashing elements from previous worlds. Discovering each of the collectibles is quite the delight, even if the realisation of just how many there are can feel a little daunting: from the Moons themselves to the individual Kingdom currencies, Captain Toads, Goombettes, portraits… the list goes on, and on," we wrote of the colorful Switch exclusive. 

From traversing a colorful sand area rife with sugar skull-like characters to going to the moon, Super Mario Odyssey has a little something for everyone, whether it's your first Mario outing or your 15th. Better start clearing out your backlog now before fall really kicks in. 

Super Mario Odyssey $42 at Amazon
Embark on one of Mario's biggest journeys yet with this Nintendo Switch adventure, which you can get for an impulse-purchase worthy 42 bucks. View Deal

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