Trauma Center Revolutionizes medicine

It's a matter of life or death - at least, in the game. Trauma Center: Under the Knife was one of the biggest cult hits of 2005. The Nintendo DS-based surgery game mixes melodrama and tense twitch-gaming. It also is one of the best arguments for Nintendo's then-unproven touch screen system.

The DS game puts you into the role of a young surgeon, Dr. Derek Stiles. After a botched operation or two, he begins to question his skills. Soon, though, he uncovers both a mysterious parasitic illness and his own, latent, quasi-magical powers to stop time during surgery. The result is over-the-top in both gameplay and story - tough but compelling.

Above: The cast of Trauma Center for the DS. Will Dr. Derek Stiles and Nurse Angie return for the Revolution edition?

Now, according to our UK-based sister site Games Radar UK, sources within Nintendo Europe have confirmed that a Revolution edition will debut at May's E3 video game trade show in Los Angeles. This confirms rumors that have been circulating on the net for several days. Unfortunately, when contacted for comment, both Nintendo and Atlus, which created and published the DS version, refused to offer any confirmation. We're convinced anyway. Expect Trauma Center for Revolution to do precisely what it did for the DS: show off the exact right way to use the system's funky controls while providing edgy and exciting gameplay. Unfortunately, we don't yet know when. Stay tuned for an E3 announcement.