Trailer Trash Retro Edition

Nintendo Power Glove

The Power Glove is well-trodden territory, but we bring it up again because this commercial was clearly Microsoft’s starting point for Project Natal.

Fester’s Quest

What publisher today would have the stones to advertise a game as so freaking hard that, “…if you make just one mistake you start all over again?” See what happens when you let crybaby game journos get on the internet and whine about lack of save points?

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

This classic Max Headroom-inspired ad features the ear-biting, Miss Rhode Island-raping, motorist-assaulting, cocaine-possessing, under the influence-driving Mike Tyson at the height of his career, presumably fresh from a nap atop a large pile of money with three Victoria’s Secret models. The last 20 years have been kinder to Punch-Out!! than to the champ.

Double Dragon II

Why don’t more game ads use badly animated box art as a selling point? Or start by giving you a double face full of hero balls? “The best action game ever!” now with 250% more testicles.

US vs Japan: Zelda

For the greater good of all mankind, let’s compare Zelda ads from the US and Japan to determine once and for all whose ads are the most awesome ads.

US Zelda ad (NES)

Japanese Zelda ad (SNES)

While the nerdy guy/cool guy dynamic of the American ad is definitely LOL-inspiring, it is nigh impossible to top sync-stepping cosplayers and a set that looks like it escaped from a Universal Studios ride. Sorry, nerdlinger, but this case is closed forever.