Top Sci-fi/fantasy authors lined up for the SFX Weekender

Like your modern sci-fi/fantasy literature? Then you’re in for a treat as more of the most exciting, original and downright brilliant authors on the planet will be popping along to Camber Sands, Sussex for the SFX Weekender from 5-6 February 2010.

David Moody
Horror supremo David Moody made a huge impression incredibly early on in his career with only his second book, Autum. The title, described as “the bastard hybrid of Day Of The Triffids and Night Of The Living Dead”, was downloaded more than half a million times after being made available for free by the author, showing remarkable foresight. Today he is perhaps best known for the Hater series, set in a world where humanity suddenly turns in on itself in terrifyingly violent ways, expect the second instalment, Dog Blood, in June 2010.

Justina Robson
Having built a reputation for intense post-cyberpunk fiction Justina Robson unexpectedly reinvented herself in 2006. Out went the introspection and musings on identity and gender, in came the Quantum Gravity Sequence and cyborg secret agent Lila Black. Three years later and the fourth story in the sequence received a rave review on the pages of SFX, so to say we’re excited about the fifth and final volume in the Quantum series would be an understament of galactic proportions.

Stephen Deas
Fantasy author Stephen Deas made it into the big leagues the hard way after years of submissions went unread only for a pitch of a new action-packed dragon based trilogy to finally secure him the deal he’d coveted. The first novel in the series, The Adamantine Palace, was released to glowing reviews in March 2009 while second instalment King Of The Crags is due for release in April.

Chris Wooding
Chris started writing early, aged 16 in fact, signing his first book deal at just 19 years of age (suddenly makes you feel like you wasted those early years of your life doesn’t it?) but this is one early achiever who deserves every success. 13 years and 16 books later Wooding has proved himself to be an extremely versatile talent with his latest title Retribution Falls marking another change of pace – a lighthearted, swashbuckling, action-packed caper well worthy of your attention.

Tom Lloyd
Despite the success of his Twilight Reign series Tom Lloyd still describes himself as only “writing part-time, also known as watching loads more TV”, and can you blame the self-confessed geek? The first three parts of the innovative five part fantasy series are available now, while the fourth – The Ragged Man – will be finished as soon as he can tear himself away from the pub. We can hardly wait.

John Meaney
For science fiction and fantasy author John Meaney a lifelong love of sci-fi started early with a trip to the local library aged just five setting him on the inevitable path to SF authorship. His best known books To Hold Infinity and Paradox (part one of the Nulapeirion Sequence) were both on the BSFA best novel short list in 1999 and 2001 respectively while his latest novels Bone Song and Dark Blood are both set in the dark, Gotham-esque, city of Tristopolis.

Update: Al Reynolds and James Barclay are unable to attend the event, despite our previous post on the subject. Apologies for the inconvenience. All guests appear subject to work commitments - please keep watching the site for details.

Find our more about the SFX Weekender over at the official site (opens in new tab) where you can find out everything you need to know about the Sussex-based event which takes place on 5 and 6 February 2010.

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