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Top 10 Best Pop Star Appearances In SF & Fantasy 2

Best SF performance: Rose in Doctor Who
Pop fame: Pop poppet of the late ’90s
SF fame: When it was announced that the former teen popstrel – responsible for annoyingly touchy hits such as "Because We Want To”, “Girlfriend” and "Honey To A Bee” – was going to be the launch companion for the new series of Doctor Who, fans were not convinced. Why right did some washed up pop star (who was now more famous for being Chris Evans’s ex anyway) have to such an important role? But she proved all her critics wrong, and her charismatic girl-next-door performance became one of the factors in the new show’s massive success. She also proved she could more than hold her own in the show’s more emotional scenes. The show propelled Piper to major, and well deserved, stardom.

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