Top Ten People Most Dangerous To Videogames

6) Money Grubbing Publisher

If we're being brainwashed by marketing,you can trace the soap to this guy's hands. He sits high up in his corner office and counts the money he made from whatever sequel that the masses bought up by the thousands. He cares aboutthree things:his money, his company's money, and howboth of themcan make more money.

Above: We're not gonnaimply which companies are guilty of this one. Hey, do we not have a Ubisoft logo on file?

A publisher is a being of money -he can't help it. Thus, he takes the quickest route to obtaining as much of it as safely as possible.Heproduces the samegame every year to make fists full of dollars. He changes one or two things about a game and calls it a sequel or a remake, or shovels out aport to a new console, and because he has his Brainwashed Consumers, it sells like crazy.This guy is killing creativity within gaming by flooding the market with cheaply made crap or regurgitated sequels because his marketing consultants have been hired to determine what will sell, rather than what's creative. In other words, if it sold well, make another one immeditately, and avoid new things because they're too risky. The sequels get all the ad money too, sothe creative and original gamessit,unheralded and unmarketed, gathering dust on game store shelves.

How do we fight him?
We admit that he'll always be lurking in the shadows, but the best way to fightthe Money Grubbing Publisheris to fight his brainwashing and don't buy his drivel.

Here's a quick rule of thumb:iftheprevious game ina series came outless than 16 months ago, this one's probably not needed. Skip this year - because there will be another game next year - andbuy somethingunique and different instead. Granted, he'll probably thentake that new thingfor his own and run it into the ground as well, but that's what happens when money is involved. The best we can do is keep him guessing and experimenting.