Top Secret Halo Wars demo

The latest Halo Wars update reveals that we'll finally get a look at the Halo RTS, albeit behind closed doors at E3 next week. Good chance we'll be there, then...

"We've been working towards a mini-milestone of sorts, called the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)," reads the post from Ensemble moderator "Thunder." "The good news for Halo Wars fans who have been hanging in there waiting for more information and/or images from the game is that we will be showing a small demo of the game for select members of the press at E3. The team here at Ensemble Studios has been at work on preparing the demo for the last couple of weeks and it has come together nicely. It just shows a small slice of our game off to give the press an idea of what we're all about."

You can expect these impressions to blaze a trail straight to the internet, unless Microsoft tells us to keep our mouths shut about anything shown behind closed doors at E3. Looks like that won't be the case though:

"Thanks to E3, we will likely see some first impression articles about the game appearing on the web or in magazines in the days and weeks to follow. This is also about the time that we'll be going live with a new version of our Halo Wars website, which will largely just be a visual change, but reflect some of the new stuff revealed at E3."

Don't forget that E3 takes place in Santa Monica, CA next week, and we'll be there with bells on. Listen for them.

Before that though, take a look at our Halo Wars page for everything that's been released about the RTS to date.

July 9, 2007