Tony Hawk: The Musical

Aug 17, 2007

If you've been keenly eyeing the progress of the latest Tony Hawk title, Proving Ground, you'll know that it features a rather elaborate video editor mode. Self-directed footage can be chopped, spruced, remixed and then uploaded for others to see, through an intuitive suite of options.

The tuneful twist? These homebrew clips are graded, using code nicked from Guitar Hero, another Activision property that's being developed by Neversoft. You can choose a song from Proving Ground's in-game song list as a soundtrack for your clip, and you'll receive a grade based on how well you "beat-match" your footage with the tune.

Actually, this tidbit is just an excuse for us to grab your attention and let you know that we spent a jolly afternoon yesterday playing up-to-scratch code of Proving Ground. Check out our thoughtshere.