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Tomb Raider footage: 11 minutes of adventure

We've heard a lot of back and forth about the new Tomb Raider--controversial cutscenes, interesting changes to the character, worrying adherence to a certain half-tucked formula. Now Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have offered up 11 minutes of unaltered gameplay footage presenting Lara Croft's harrowing fight through a scavenger stronghold accompanied by developer commentary. They've put up, so we'll shut up:

Preponderance of quick-time events aside, the gunplay looks pretty fun, with the "fluid" cover system making for a less staccato stop-and-pop affair than most modern shooters. The new Tomb Raider is a linear, cover-based action game punctuated by semi-interactive cinematics--at least, these 11 minutes are.

Do you think the game's environmental emphasis, and its narrative arc depicting a privileged liberal arts major's transition into a hardened treasure hunter, will set it apart when it hits Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on March 5?

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