Tomb Raider: First in-game footage inside

Friday 22 December 2006
Here is something to warm you to your very core, in-game action from Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Now all that is dividing you from a whole new set of lovely Lara images and this fresh footage are the images and movie tabs above, so get clicking.

Remember the classic T-Rex moment from the original Tomb Raider? Of course you do, it's seared into every gamer's brain as if placed there with a white-hot joypad. Well, that's here. What about Lara's elegant swan dives into shallow ponds? They are here too. What about the guns, the jumping and the freakishly small hot pants? Here, here, and here.

Above: Lara is every bit as athletic as ever in her quest for artefacts

But this is more than mere nostalgia, this clip and these shots also show off how Lara has changed. And how the old locations and levels from the first game have been pushed through an enhanced version of the Legends engine so that Peru, Greece and Egypt all look lovelier than ever. Publisher Eidos has even promised that the AI will also be overhauled ready for its release next year on PC, PSP and PS2.