Tomb Raider: Anniversary "definitely" coming to 360

Earlier this week we reported on ESRB listings for an Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which looked likely to hit the console via Xbox Live download.

When contacted, Eidos gave us a swift "no comment" on the listing, but we've since had it backed up by a source inside the company who says the 360 version of Anniversary is "definitely" on the way.

In the original ESRB listing, Anniversary's levels were fingered for deployment as individual levels, which would possibly be released as downloads via Marketplace, though our source is "unclear" whether the game will be arriving via disc or download at this point. He says "there is a chance" it could be an Xbox Live download.

If it does appear for download it's not certain what sort of graphical state it'll be in, since Eidos has said the reason Anniversary wasn't heading for Microsoft's box is because creating new hi-res textures was too much work.

Still, the PC version looks fantastic, and if the price is right we don't really care.

You can read the GamesRadar review of Tomb Raider: Anniversary here.

June 11, 2007