Tom King apologizes to Jae Lee for public accusations

Writer Tom King has publicly apologized to artist Jae Lee following allegations he tweeted (opens in new tab) last week, which he now calls a mistake. 

"As I have done privately, I'd like to publicly apologize to Jae Lee for my actions a few days ago," King tweets (opens in new tab). "I should've talked with Jae before I sent a tweet about him that put his career at risk."

(Image credit: Jae Lee (DC))
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On Friday, July 24, King spoke out against DC's decision to hire Jae Lee to draw a variant to an upcoming title of King's due to what he presumed was the artist's previous involvement with a Comicsgate associated project, presuming Lee's tacit awareness of that fact.

"I made a critical mistake, and I am profoundly sorry," King continues. "I will do what I can to repair this with Jae, and I will do better in the future. I'm not going to offer explanations because they sound like excuses, and I'm not asking for forgiveness or understanding. I'm just saying I see what I did, and I'm going to try to make up for it. Thank you."

Following the initial allegations, Friday evening King tweeted that he had subsequently spoken with Jae and that it was a misunderstanding. 

"I spoke with Jae. He's not on Twitter, didn’t know Comicsgate existed, and doesn’t support hate of any kind," King tweeted Friday evening. "We're all good. Best possible outcome." 

On Sunday, July 26, Lee publicly addressed the issue for the first time, writing that the allegations harmed him and his wife/colorist June Chung. 

"I'm writing this because I'm angry," Lee wrote Sunday on Instagram (opens in new tab). "These irresponsible tweets are not harmless. They do not just go away. They have real-world consequences. They can take away your job. Your life. Your memories. June and I were robbed of a special day. So, no, we're not 'all good'."

Lee wrote he would not be addressing the issue any further.

With Tuesday's apology, King also wrote he will now take down the allegations tweets.

"I have kept the tweets up to this point in order to show that I was not hiding my actions. I will now take them down."

Newsarama has reached out to DC for comment. We will update this story if and when they respond.

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