Todd McFarlane designs SF Giants themed Arno from AC Unity

Even an Assassin needs hobbies. Though battling injustice and coming up with creative ways to knife people can take up a lot of time, it's important to have a pastime you enjoy. Altair's a reader, Connor's into leatherwork, I would bet Adewale's a needlecraft man, and Arno likes baseball. Plus, he's a Giants fan! At least, that's what I get from this limited edition Giants Creed Arno action figure.

The figure was given away with tickets to the Giants Video Game Night on September 10, thanks to a partnership between San Francisco Giants baseball team and Ubisoft America (whose offices are a short walk away from the Giants' home field at AT&T Park). Designed by Todd McFarlane as a special addition to the McFarlane line of Assassin's Creed toys, this Arno figure sports the Giants team colors and logo, as well as a nifty baseball helmet and bat. (Possible Unity DLC weapons? You read it here first.) There's no skimping on design here either--this figure was clearly made with the same care as every other piece in the line, and Arno actually looks quite snazzy in orange and black. Yep, this goofy but charming guy will definitely take you out to the ball game--or out of it.

Giants Creed Arno isn't currently for sale in any retail outlets, and who knows if he ever will be. If you're dying to get your hands on him though, eBay is your best friend.

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Ashley Reed

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