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Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil: Preview Clips

[VAMS id="7q9c9Mf9o6924"]

Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil is a bonkers Canadian supernatural comedy series (which SFX’s Jordan is very fond of) that gets its UK premiere on Syfy at 10 on Tuesday 6 March, starring Jason Mewes of Jay And Silent Bob fame.

High school is hell when you find yourself up against rock ’n’ roll zombies, and bad-ass monster babies. There can only be one explanation – you’ve gone and messed with The Book!

The Book is essentially the fount of all evil – and its powers have been let loose at Crowley High, the only school in a small town that happens to be founded by Satanists. Thankfully, four teenagers – Todd (horny, stoner, metal-head “leader”), Jenny (hottest chick in school), Curtis (frustrated virgin), Hannah (science nerd) and Atticus (questionable guidance councillor and conflicted Satanist) stand between The Book and the end of the world as we know it.

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