TimeSplitters film in the works!

So GamesRadar has just spent the morning checking out new sections of Free Radical Design's Haze (which we'll let you know all about next week). And while Haze was the primary purpose of our visit to their Nottingham based studios, being TimeSplitters fanboys it was impossible not to go on the scrounge for a bit of Splitters gossip - and we've got it:

Free Radical Design (or namely Rob Yescombe, game script writer) has written a film script for a TimeSplitters film and according to him, they're pretty serious about trying to sign it up for a movie.

We saw it there, sat on his desk. And while he wouldn't let us read it - he did show us a random page which featured a character called Jerry shouting the words, "Thank you Spider-Man!"

Which means absolutely nothing, of course.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a whiff of the next-gen TimeSplitters 4 script (which Yescombe will also be involved in) although we do know it will involve the parodying of other games. Which we rather like the sound of - especially if it lays into a few game series that tend to take themselves a bit too seriously.

So, anyone else into the idea of a TimeSplitters movie? Or are we the only ones who'd turn up?

August 10, 2007