Through the Phantom Hourglass

We've unearthed some new shots of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (check out the Images tab for more), which will continue the story and cartoon visual style of 2003's Wind Waker when it is released for DS next year.

It's still Zelda as you know it - townsfolk to talk to, grass to cut, dungeons to explore - but using the DS stylus for all actions, issuing directions for Link rather than direct control. Hungry for more? Hit up our earlier hands-on.

Phantom Hourglass will also feature a competitive multiplayer mode where one player orders Link around and the other player directs the dungeon's monsters to stop him. Too bad there's no Link-against-himself action, as seen in 2004's Four Swords Adventures - it's one of the most underrated GameCube games out there.

Phantom Hourglass was due for a release later this year, yet wasn't on Nintendo's 2006 game release schedule last month. The company's website still lists Link to return before the end of the year, but with Wii and an already crowded holiday schedule, we may be waiting until next year.

August 24, 2006