Thrillville - Developer Diaries Week Seven

Another great aspect to theme parks is that they are almost invariably experienced as part of a group rather than alone. Whether its your family or friends you go with, it is a social occasion. Again, with Thrillville we wanted to capture that feeling of sharing the experience, so it was important to us that the different games you get to take part in as part of Thrillville could all be played with friends and family. So, in Thrillville, all the attractions that you play as mini-games are multiplayer, supporting up to four players. Since we had all these different mini-games it would have been rude of us not to give a Party Play mode where you can dive straight to your favorites.

So all in all, I think we hit our vision very well - so much so that Thrillville feels like a theme park in a box. You get a sense of "being there" and that you can do all sorts of different things you can do at a theme park. Plus, as you are running the park, you can jump the queues, change the rides, whatever you like. Whatever you like, you'll find something to enjoy in Thrillville, and the one thing that all these different elements have in common is that they are all FUN - a bit like a theme park, really. Where else can you trampoline, do a spot of FPS action, then race a go-kart?