Three new game-inspired heavy metal tracks added to MegaDriver's massive free offering

Above: 'Axe Tales' by MegaDriver

A new promotional album from the band, titled 'Metal for Gamers,' was released as a free download today. The three-track recording apparently represents a new direction for the group, which has traditionally created instrumental metal covers of game songs. According to today's press release:

"The soundtrack from classical games, in its vast majority, is composed by instrumental music. Translate these tunes in 'Heavy Metal', with aggressive guitars, bass and drums lines, have been the job for MegaDriver in the past years. But the band felt the need to create something new. Metal For Gamers has three new songs and a differential: lyrics."

The tracks included in the new album are "Axe Tales," inspired by Golden Axe (hear it above); "Bloody Symphony," which features "aggressive themes" from the Castlevania series (hear it below); and "Mad Racer," inspired by the gameplay and soundtrack of Top Gear.

Above: 'Blood Symphony' by MegaDriver

But the new album is just the beginning - over 150 of the band's tracks are available for free on its website. Get your file savin' finger warmed up!

Apr 4, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer