Three new DDRs announced for 10th anniversary

Konami's massively long press conference was filled with brand-new announcements, with Castlevania: Order of EcclesiaandRock Revolution taking center stage. We even caught a glimpse of Pyramid Head in Silent Hill: Homecoming. But for all the music game junkies who desperately need a new set of 120BPM songs to dance to, there were three glistening new editions of DDR set up for the fall.

DanceDance Revolution Universe 3 (360)
Huge 65-song soundtrack, DJ mode for creating your own tracks and a story mode that lets you dance off against foes with your own custom avatar - more than 400 clothing, face, skin and hair options to choose from. Four-player online and some kind of weekly song contest too.

DanceDance Revolution X (PS2)
Tenth-anniversary game celebrating a decade of sweatin' to happy hardcore. More of the same, but now with an eight-player showdown via interlinked PS2s. Also customizable workout routines and EyeToy support.

DanceDance Revolution: Hottest Party 2 (Wii)
Sequel to last year's hit, now with Mii support. Multiplayer modes that let you use the remote to shake up the other player's dance notes. Four decades of music including super-mainstream hits "Umbrella” and "We Got the Beat." We also heard them say MC Hammer and Pet Shop Boys were in there somewhere...

May 15, 2008