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THQ details Juiced 2

Developer THQ has officially announced the sequel to 2005's street racer Juiced, heading to PC, PS3, 360, PS2 and PSP, followingearlier reportson the game this week.

Juiced 2 is based around the Hot Import Nights series of car shows, and will include race and drift racing modes along with large amounts of customization options.

There's also a "Driver DNA" system that "molds" the racing traits of players and then makes them downloadable to race against in events, though we're not quite sure how that works.

Above: We imported this PSP screenshotfrom the original Juiced

"Juiced 2: HIN introduces a thrilling new drifting component and lets players personalize their experience both on and offline with ultra realistic Driver DNA," said Colin Bell, general manager at Juice Games.

"In addition to a ton of exciting new features, we've significantly expanded the rewarding driving experience, track choice and customization our fans have come to expect."

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights is currently pencilled in for an autumn release.

February 22, 2007