Mjolnir has a mind of her own in Thor #21 preview

Thor #21 excerpt
Thor #21 excerpt (Image credit: Nic Klein (Marvel Comics))

Mjolnir was given a personality of her own in Jason Aaron's Thor run, and now Donny Cates is showing she is as much a threat as she is a tool for Thor. In Thor #19 and Thor #20, Mjolnir has been running roughshod over various corners of the Marvel cosmos, and in the final pages of Thor #19 she landed in Thor's adopted hometown of Broxton, Oklahoma - and leveled it.

And now we have a tease of what comes next, in this preview of Thor #21 by Cates, artist Nic Klein, colorist Matthew Wilson, and letterer Joe Sabino:

Mjolnir has been on fritz for Thor for over a year now, ultimately leaving him completely. This led to him and his father Odin to go back to the manufacturer, the dwarves of Nidavellir, to get some perspective. Instead, they found it destroyed - and the path of destruction led all the way back to the American midwest and Broxton.

This is part of the larger 'God of Hammers' storyline that is underway in Thor, which runs from Thor #19 - 23. Although Thor #21 is midway through the arc, Marvel says this issue will have the "shocking origin" behind the titular 'God of Hammers' which could be behind Mjolnir's recent rebellion.

Klein has drawn the main cover to Thor #21, with variants by Michael Walsh, Jim Cheung (a headshot sketch), and Crees Lee (a homage to Journey Into Mystery #83's Jack Kirby cover). Check out all four Thor #21 covers here:

Thor #21 goes on sale on January 26. The complete arc will be collected as Thor by Donny Cates Vol. 4: God of Hammers, anticipated for a July 5 release.

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