This week's best Overwatch moments: Mercy, destroyer of worlds, and a rocket queen dethroned

This week is all about the unexpected. Who’d guess that Mercy could ruin everyone’s day in such convincing fashion? How on earth did Pharah lose a mid-air face-off? Check out the answers to those questions and more in our latest batch of favorite Overwatch finds.

1. The party don’t start til Mercy walks in

This is why you always destroy Symmetra’s Teleporter. After her team is wiped out on the control point, this Mercy just saunters back in, revives everyone, and secures the win. Destroying the other team’s morale is just the icing on the cake.

2. Aerial superiority…achieved?

Pharah usually dominates the sky, but here she’s met her match with the gravity-defying work of this talented Genji. The combination of his double-jumping and his Swift Strike mean that he can stay airborne for long enough to ruin the rocket queen’s day and still dash back to solid ground.

3. Roadhog’s revenge

One of Roadhog’s classic moves is using his Chain Hook ability to pull an enemy off the edge of the game map so they fall to their death. But if you try for this kill, you better make sure you didn’t just knock your opponent onto a lower level, allowing them to run back up and successfully pull the same trick on you. Because that’d sting.

4. Double the Mei, double the pain

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Elise Zhang is the voice behind Mei, the Overwatch hero that everyone loves (or just loves to hate). She’s also pretty good at showing off why people love to hate the character, shutting down a McCree ultimate with a well-placed Ice Wall.

5. Officer D.Va reporting for duty

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Almost as quickly as Blizzard fans queued up for Heroes of the Storm matches to obtain the adorable Officer D.Va skin, the community’s cosplayers have also taken action. Who knows how they work so fast, but the results sure are sweet. Here’s one beautifully photographed take on the hero’s latest look.

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