This Resident Evil 4 Remake mod adds the enemies from the original game's worst port

Resident Evil 4 Remake mod
(Image credit: Capcom/ZombieAli)

Resident Evil 4 Remake is great, but it does not fully encompass the history of the original game. Thankfully, modders have finally added the enemies from the Zeebo version of RE4.

Now, you might be asking yourself a few questions here. What's a Zeebo? Should I care? The answer to the latter query is 'no' - unless you, like me, love extremely dumb video game trivia. The Zeebo was a short-lived gaming console launched in 1999 for Brazil and Mexico, intended to serve those markets with inexpensive downloadable games often ported from mobile.

While the Zeebo was destined for obscurity, it got a surprising amount of support from major publishers, including Capcom. The house of RE took its existing mobile port of Resident Evil 4 built for Japanese flip phones and ported it to the console. The result is a game that admirably attempts to replicate all of the 2005 GameCube classic on much less capable hardware, but ultimately fails to make anything fun within those limitations.

One of the many compromises in this port is that all of the enemies were turned bright blue, presumably to make them more visible on tiny screens. Now, modder ZombieAli has put things right for the RE4 Remake. The Zeebo Enemies mod, available on Nexus Mods, will turn all the game's enemies bright blue. Useless? Maybe, but it could make lining up headshots just a bit easier.

If you want a whole lot more background on the Zeebo and the version of Resident Evil 4 that it hosted, go check out Stop Skeletons From Fighting's excellent video on the topic. Join the cult of the Zeebo. The games aren't fun, but looking at them sure is.

RE4 modders are already adding Mouseley Graham and removing yellow paint. Personally, I say turn the game into more of a cartoon, not less of one.

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