This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trick is an easy way to earn Let's Go steps

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Eevee
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A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player has figured out how to manipulate the games' walking requirement for creatures to evolve.

As first reported earlier today on November 28 by Automaton Media, one conniving Scarlet and Violet trainer has come up with a workaround for Pokemon evolution requirements. If you weren't already aware, Scarlet and Violet employ a new feature for certain Pokemon, where the player needs to walk them a certain number of steps - in addition to levelling them up - before they can evolve.

You might not think it, but having your Pokemon take 100 steps before it can evolve can be a bit of a time-consuming activity, especially if you want multiple creatures to evolve. To counter this, one Scarlet and Violet player has come up with the workaround seen just below, involving deftly positioning themselves atop a PokeMart with Koraidon. 

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However, there's a pretty slim margin for error with this trick. If you stand in the wrong place, your Pokemon will merely stop walking underneath you, instead of circling around. Twitter users recommend testing out standing in different spots if the method doesn't immediately work, rather than just calling the whole thing off completely.

This is just the latest in a lengthy line of intriguing player discoveries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Just earlier today in fact, player reported that the games' Battle Stadium RNG was effectively broken and predictable, while others have uncovered evidence of Maushold seriously messing people up. If you can't trust a group of mice, you can't trust anyone.

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