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This Pokemon GO grandpa takes gameplay to an entirely different level

(Image credit: K.j. Leng on Facebook)

Don't challenge Chen San Yuan to a Pokemon GO battle. The 70-year-old Taiwanese man became internet famous last year when multiple outlets reported he was using over 20 phones at once to play Pokemon GO. But Yuan has since evolved and now rides around on his bike with 45 phones mounted to it. 

You read that right - according to ResetEra member Forkball, Yuan has 45 phones mounted to the front of his bike. Last year he had 21, then over the summer he was seen around town with 30, but now his setup is a Gigantamax 45 (teehee). Based on the below Tweet, it seems like he rides around and pulls over when a wild Pokemon appears, which is definitely the responsible thing to do.

I have so many questions. How does he see around the 45 phones? How did he build that mount? How gargantuan are his monthly data charges? How many calories does he lose daily? This man's cardio abilities are likely better than mine, and I know he'd whoop me in a Pokemon GO battle. 

According to GoNintendo, Yuan has an endorsement deal with a phone company in the works, which will likely take a lot off the top of his monthly bills. The report also suggests he now rocks a wearable, which likely wraps around his waist in some manner, but there aren't any pictures of this new rig yet. Whatever he's wearing or doing, 45 phones for Pokemon GO is super effective.

Wonder if he's ready for the Pokemon Go community event

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