This one Resident Evil 4 remake moment sounds like a fully-fledged Looney Tunes skit

Resident Evil 4 review
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Resident Evil 4 remake might've largely ditched the original's campy tone, but it's still got some hilarious moments.

One of these comes courtesy of Luis Sera, former Umbrella employee and all-around gentleman sleuth. In the clip below, it's revealed that when Leon and Luis are defending the house from a horde of villagers in the early hours of Resident Evil 4 remake, Luis getting hit with a shovel in the head emits an incredible "DING" sound effect.

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This isn't horrific adventure Resident Evil 4 remake, this is 1950s-era Looney Tunes comedy at its finest. If you switched out Luis Sera for Elmer Fudd and kept this sound effect for getting hit in the head with a shovel, it'd absolutely nail the assignment, there's no doubt about it.

Luis has always been a bit, well, headstrong in Resident Evil 4's many iterations and re-releases, to say the least. Maybe we should just be chalking this one up to the shovel rebounding off his incredibly thick skull and all move on with our lives. Or perhaps this is Luis getting a well-deserved bonk for his decades-old line about Ashley's "ballistics."

Some of Leon's iconic lines like "your right hand comes off?" to Salazar have unfortunately been axed in the remake, but it's nice to know Capcom hasn't entirely done away with the humor. Lines like "where's everyone going, bingo?" are still alive and kicking in Resident Evil 4 remake, and accompanying that line is a brand new way to skip the village fight, so there's no more dealing with Dr. Salvador.

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