Resident Evil 4 remake's big village fight can be skipped entirely

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Resident Evil 4 remake's chaotic opening village fight can actually be skipped entirely.

If you wanted to skip out on the whole chainsaw fight and get everyone straight to bingo, we've got great news for you. Over the past weekend, several Resident Evil 4 remake players discovered that you can actually shoot the church bell in the opening segment of the game, halting the big fight around the village and sending everyone straight off to chill.

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To do this, you need to first run straight into the house with the open door and the upper floor, just behind the bonfire with the burning policeman. This initiates a cutscene with the arrival of Doctor Salvador, and after this, Leon can leg it up the stairs, and dive through the window on the right to find himself on the roof of the building.

Taking aim with a sniper rifle, you can actually hit the church bell off in the distance to start bingo a little earlier than anticipated. It's worth noting that because you need a sniper rifle to pull off this feat, this skip is technically only possible on Resident Evil 4 remake's new game plus modes, unless you just happen to have absolute god-tier aiming with a pistol.

This will likely come as a huge deal for speedrunners, of which Resident Evil games have always been a big focus of. This trick could potentially save speedrunners multiple minutes, as it means they don't have to wipe out a certain number of hostile villagers in order to trigger the cutscene where everyone goes to church instead.

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