This new Resi 7 DLC trailer shows a little bit of everything on the way

We already have a rough idea of what's coming across the planned Resident Evil 7 DLC but this new trailer seems to show glimpses of just about all of it. 

Here's the lineup:  

Banned Footage Vol. 1 

‘Nightmare,’ - Sewer Gators cameraman Clancy must craft weapons and ammo to face off against hordes of enemies to survive until morning. 

‘Bedroom’ - Clancy must figure out how to get out of a locked bedroom in the Baker family’s plantation and make his escape but beware – Marguerite Baker won’t be happy if she knows he’s up and out of bed! 

‘Ethan Must Die’ - an extra tough mode that is separate from the events of RE7.

Banned Footage Vol. 2 

21 - Players will need to gamble with their own life in a deadly game of ’21’ with Lucas Baker. 

Daughters - dive deeper into the Baker family’s life before the tragic events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. 

Jack’s 55th Birthday - a race against the clock as players serve up the Daddy of the family, Jack Baker, with tons of treats for his special celebration.

And here's the trailer: 

Let's work through all that in order and pull out the various bits. 

This is clearly 'Nightmare' horde mode:

You can see some sort of 'turret' on the wall on the right which must be part of the crafted weapons. It suggests a strategy element to how you survive. 

Next up, we see Margueritte feeding someone, who has to be Clancey, as part of the 'Bedroom' sequence where you have to try and escape her. 

This next bit is the '21' card game game you play with Lucas. And also probably the bit I'm least enthusiastic about playing. It might be good but, you know, cards?! 

This moment is quick in the trailer, but if you look carefully you can see a woman's shoe on the left, so has to be the 'Daughters' component. Presumably giving us more on Mia and Zoe's backstory. It doesn't look like they're being treated well unsurprisingly, what with all the dragging and a punch from Jack later. 

And, finally, this is obviously 'Jack's Birthday' where you have to keep feeding him for... reasons. 

What do you guys think? I'm a little disappointed. I love the game and I was hoping for more substance from the DLC. This seems a little more than a collection of a few 'fun' novelty modes. 

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