This might be the weirdest Catan expansion ever

Catan Soccer Fever box and board
(Image credit: Catan Studio)

I didn't have a soccer-themed Catan board game expansion on my bingo card for today, but there we are. 

Designed as something of a mini-game to liven up your strategy, Catan Soccer Fever will launch in June for $19.99 / £19.99. Described as "delightfully interactive" on Catan's official site, the board game expansion will be used every time you build a settlement or city. Players then "flick die-cut soccer balls into the pitch to score," and whoever leads the league table gets bonus victory points at the end of the game.

This new addition to one of the best classic board games represents the Catanians being "swept up in supporting your hometown teams," with a new championship breaking out whenever towns are constructed or expanded (which sounds a bit like hazing to me, but there we are). As such, it's pretty light-hearted and won't upend the game's existing mechanics - it's more about adding new spokes to the wheel rather than changing it entirely. 

That's probably why it's a lot cheaper than other, older expansions; unlike entries such as Knights and Cities, it doesn't override the old victory conditions or add bonus scenarios.

It isn't the only expansion coming to the board game, though - Catan Hawai’i is also on its way, adding the eponymous island to the Seafarers bonus content. This archipelago offers "not only productive landscapes but also rich fishing grounds. Send your fleet fishing to take advantage of helpful new abilities."

There isn't a precise release date for when Catan Soccer Fever or Catan Hawai’i will be joining the best board games on shelves, but they'll apparently be shipping in June 2023.

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