This Marvel Snap player's shop is empty - because they've purchased every card

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A Marvel Snap player has purchased every single card and variant in the entire game.

We don't actually know who it was who achieved this feat, but whoever they are, they sent a screenshot of their Marvel Snap game to Twitch streamer Cozy, as seen just below. Just like us though, the Twitch streamer can't quite believe what they're seeing either.

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We had no idea it was possible to purchase every single card in Marvel Snap, but somehow it's been achieved. Cozy refers to the player as a "MEGALODON," which is honestly a little rude, but there's no denying Marvel Snap has actually captured this player, whoever they are.

Right now, there's over 250 cards in Marvel Snap. There were roughly 200 total cards in the card game when it launched in November 2022, but the first two seasons of the game introduced a tonne of new cards, as well as variants, all of which this player has managed to snap up.

Streamer Cozy reached out to Marvel Snap game lead Bone Brode on Twitter to try and confirm what they're seeing, but unfortunately the game lead hasn't responded to the original tweet from the streamer at the time of writing.

Speaking of Brode, the director previously revealed his favorite Marvel Snap card to be Mysterio. It's not often you come up against someone with Mysterio in their deck, but when you do, the character can be an absolute nightmare to deal with, given that he can duplicate himself and confuse you by sending out fake versions of himself. 

Marvel Snap was criticized by Asian players last week over the game's Lunar New Year event, which promoted relatively few Chinese characters. 

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