The Aim Controller is PS VR's literal secret weapon

That up there is the PS VR Aim Controller, looking exactly like what a gun needs to look like when you can't see it. That pale and pipey design however hides its true potential, because this thing is going to make VR. 

I'll be more specific: shooty VR, obviously, but using that gun in conjunction with Sony's headset is exactly how I imagined VR as a child. When you pick it up and look at in your hands (where, in-game, it's a super cool space rifle), then peer around the world you're in, it's holodeck time. 

On top of that, it's super precise - letting you aim from the hip perfectly and raise it to your eye to aim down the sights (which feels amazing). Gone are the light-gun style actions of pointing at a flat screen, or the PS3's old Move Sharp Shooter dragging a laggy, twitchy cursor around. This thing exists in the game and as part of it, moving 1:1 and letting you point and shoot with absolute clarity. It also has full FPS motion as well, using two thumbsticks on the front and back grips. 

Oddly, though, there's only one game that seems to use the Aim controller currently, the fun if basic bug-hunting space shooter Farpoint. However, the potential is easy to see and the appeal instant - the second anything like Call of Duty goes near this thing you'll have a shooter that's about as close to perfect fantasy as you can get. 

Basically, it's less abstract than a Move-controlled hand and more immediate to grasp; practically and conceptually. It means that the not exactly insignificant first person shooters are going to click in a big way with the Aim controller when it launches. And, while it's only Farpoint showing it off so far, Sony has made it so you can be sure it's expecting games to use it. I can't wait. 

Leon Hurley
Senior Guides Co-ordinator

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