This indie game is attempting to perfect The Sims formula by asking 10,000 fans for feedback

Little Sim World
(Image credit: Blue Gravity Studios)

We've seen a lot of The Sims-likes lately, but this might just be the cutest one yet.

Little Sim World, a 2D open-world life sim, may play just like The Sims, but it has an art style that's very reminiscent of the Nintendo DS-era life sims I used to play in the early 2000s. The upcoming indie looks adorable and has a lot of interesting features that differentiate it from others in the genre. 

For starters, Little Sim World is set in London, which is pretty different from the likes of Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which take place on a farm or deserted island. It might also be the perfect life sim, as developer, Blue Gravity Studios, reveals via Steam, that the team surveyed "over 10,000 hardcore sim fans to find out what they wanted in a life simulation game," so it's almost guaranteed to feature your favourite elements from your favourite simulation games. 

In Little Sim World, players will take control of their own character as they move to the heart of the city and work toward achieving their dreams. Players can become scientists, writers, athletes, and more as they develop their lives, meet other people, travel around London via public transport, go to work, try yummy foods and drinks, decorate their homes, and more.

This life sim certainly sounds like one of the more ambitious ones we've seen so far as it features no loading screens or transitions, allowing players to navigate the in-game world as seamlessly as possible. If this doesn't already sound amazing, Little Sim World's developer has also used other games in the genre as a blueprint to tackle "some of the biggest challenges facing simulation games."

According to the developer, the game's build mode has "few" limitations and, as you can see from the trailer above, gives its players a lot of freedom when it comes to designing their homes and the furniture they put in it. It looks like one of the simplest customization tools we've seen with an almost Polly Pocket-style aesthetic.

Little Sim World is set to release on PC in Q1 2024 but is available to play now via early access. To support the developers, and keep up to track with the game's progress, you can follow its official Twitter account and wishlist it on Steam.  

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