This genuine hidden gem just claimed one of gaming's most prestigious awards

Betrayal at Club Low
(Image credit: Cosmo D Studios)

Betrayal at Club Low has taken home the grand prize at the Independent Games Festival.

The IGF Awards for 2023 took place yesterday on March 22, and Betrayal at Club Low beat out Tunic, Immortality, Neon White, and others to take home the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. Other honorable mentions included Terra Nil, Citizen Sleeper, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, and Tinykin.

Betrayal at Club Low actually first launched via Steam all the way back in September 2022, but it's flown relatively under the radar until now. The likes of Tunic and Immortality have garnered far more attention than Cosmo D Studios' game, but it's this quiet hit that's taken the grand prize from the IGF Awards.

What exactly is Betrayal at Club Low, you ask? Why, it's a D&D-infused rescue mission about breaking into a club that was once a coffin factory. Tense decisions abound at every turn, as your mission hinges on your ability to break into the club and extract your friend while maintaining your cover.

The whole things sounds marvellously bonkers, and we frankly can't wait to give Betrayal at Club Low a go. Oh, and since it took home the Grand Prize from the IGF Awards, Cosmo D Studios is celebrating by taking 30% off Betrayal at Club Low on Steam for the rest of the day, not that it cost a great deal to begin with. 

Betrayal at Club Low is a great example of the sheer volume of games that launch each and every year. No matter how many games one plays of varying different sizes, it's basically impossible to play everything. Because of this, it's really a great thing that a prestigious award like the IGF's Grand Prize can be awarded to smaller games that might otherwise be overlooked by the general public.

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Hirun Cryer

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