This Attack on Titan fan game has a free demo that looks too good to be true

Attack on Titan fan game
(Image credit: Swammy)

An Attack on Titan fan game has been repeatedly going viral over the past few years, and it's blowing up all over again now that the developer has announced plans to bring it to Unreal Engine 5.

Developer Swammy began development on the Attack on Titan fan game back in January 2021, creating a small demo intended as little more than a personal proof of concept. But when a clip of the demo went viral on TikTok, it garnered a response so positive that Swammy soon decided to expand development, adding new features ranging from proper enemy titans to multiplayer modes.

Links to download the demo and play for yourself are available in the description of this video, which offers an in-depth breakdown of how the game's developed over the years. While the official Attack on Titan games (developed by Omega Force of Dynasty Warriors fame) are surprisingly solid, the fan game's sense of freedom and speed are downright astounding.

The project's gone viral yet again thanks to a tweet from esports personality Jake Lucky, highlighting the demo's impending transition to Unreal Engine 5. As if swinging around in first-person with omni-direction mobility gear wasn't cool enough, Swammy has your dreams of a hyper-detailed Eren Yeager covered.

If you're worried about the potential of this fan game getting the cease and desist treatment, Swammy's also working on an original anime-styled game called Mecha Attack that picks up many of the fan game's gameplay concepts.

We might just have a new contender for our list of the best anime games.

Dustin Bailey
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