These three SIM only deals are leading the way this weekend - EE, Vodafone and Three

SIM only deals
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This weekend has shaped up to be a perfect time to get some new SIM only deals. The big name networks have all put on the boxing gloves and the competition for the best price is fierce.

While there are excellent choices all around, EE, Three and Vodafone have taken the top three spots with Three leading the charge. If you go directly through the Three website, you can get a SIM plan that has been dominating the market since Black Friday.

This SIM offers unlimited 5G data, calls and texts, all for just £16 a month - the lowest ever price for an unlimited 5G SIM. For those whose preference lies with EE, you can get 120GB for just £20 a month and if you don't mind relying on cashback, there's a great Vodafone SIM available this weekend.

This SIM offers 100GB for £16 a month, but effectively goes all the way down to £11 a month thanks to a £60 cashback plan.

The best SIM only deals this weekend:


Three | SIM only | 12 month contract | Unlimited data, calls and texts | £16/month from Three
This SIM plan from Three has been the best option around since it launched in Black Friday 2020. It provides unlimited 5G data, calls and texts for just £16 a month. That is the cheapest ever 5G unlimited SIM, and easily the best mix of costs and data cap on the market right now.


Vodafone | SIM only | 12 month contract | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £16/month from + £60 cashback by redemption
If you don't mind relying on some cashback, this is an excellent SIM to go for. It provides 100GB of Vodafone data for just £16 a month and while that alone is great, the cashback makes it even better. is including £60 in cashback by redemption, effectively lowering your costs to £11 a month.


EE | SIM only | 24 month contract | 120GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20/month from EE
For a lot of people, EE is going to be the obvious choice for a new SIM plan - it is the UK's fastest and most popular network after all! And EE SIMs are looking more affordable than ever. Right now, you can get 120GB of 5G data for just £20 a month. That's one of the largest data plans EE has offered for this kind of price and the addition of 5G is a big bonus.

What other SIM only deals are there?

While the options listed above are the best SIMs currently available, there are plenty of others worth considering. In fact, now is a pretty excellent time to get SIMs across all networks.

Along with the big names above, the likes of Voxi, iD Mobile and Smarty are all offering some excellent value SIM plans right now.

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