These picturesque Destiny 2 time-lapse videos are exactly what you need to pass the weeks until launch

Destiny 2 beta players got to spend a little bit of time the new social space called The Farm, and now that the testing event is over, you may already be homesick for its rural charm. I can't make the game come out faster, but I can share these lovely videos from the player community that show two different time-lapsed angles of The Farm's wide-open horizons.

First up is this gorgeous view of a sunrise over the lake.

And here's that shard of The Traveler at night, sparking and smoking in the distance...

However the full game turns out - and whether or not it addresses beta player concerns like overly long ability cooldowns - there's no arguing with those views. Oh, bonus: if you need something to really chill out with, here's the unedited, half-hour long vision of that sunrise.

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Connor Sheridan

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