These are some really good (and affordable) Pokemon posters

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

The Pokemon Center online store just released a new collection of destination-themed Pokemon posters, and they are mighty pretty. 

There's no shortage of Pokemon merch out there, but art this clean is a rarity. There are eight posters in all - one for each region - and the whole set is just $40. Each poster is 18x12", so that's 1,728 square inches of Pokemon art for $40, which is a pretty good deal overall. I've seen individual wall scrolls go for around that price, and most of them didn't have half the style of a single one of these posters. Speaking of which, if you do want an individual poster, you can get the Galar one for $10 on its own. It's currently the only poster from the lot that's available standalone, but that may change. 

Each poster is a minimalist take on an iconic structure from that region, from the S.S. Anne cruiseliner in Kanto to Galar's Hammerlocke stadium. The Hoenn region's Mossdeep Space Center is a particularly avant-garde choice, but I'll be damned if it isn't towering. 

Naturally, each poster is also adorned with the silhouette of a standout Pokemon from its matching generation. As a diehard Lapras stan, it brings me great joy to see the blue beauty repping Kanto among the ranks of Legendaries like Deoxys. And given that Corviknight was the vehicle for the entire series of Pokemon Twilight Wings animated shorts, it's no surprise to see it front-and-center for Galar.

If you're looking for something a little more practical, you may find a nice gift (for a friend or for yourself) in the new Pokemon x Adidas lineup, which covers everything from sneakers to bags to sweatshirts.  

Austin Wood

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