Theres a Kinect Bowling Ball in case you wanted one

Finally, there's an accessory for the serious fan of bowling and Kinect. The Kinect Bowling Ball is a sleek and circular solution for those frustrated by the lack of a large plastic sphere to hold while playing Brunswick Pro Bowling or any of the other motion-compatible bowling-based titles available for 360. You simply hold this device in your hand, like an ordinary bowling ball, and then proceed to bowl as you would if you were actually in a bowling alley — it's even ok to let go. The Kinect Bowling Ball has a wrist strap that will prevent you from wrecking all your other Kinect sport game accessories by accidentally throwing an imitation bowling ball at them.

Above: Blue ball

The azure orb is available for pre-order now from GamingZap and is a guaranteed strike if you can spare any cash. Don't worry about carrying it up from the mailbox or hefty shipping costs, it weighs just a little more than 1 pound so it's easy to handle (unlike those clunky real bowling balls). It would be stupid for you to not buy at least one of these.

Aug 31, 2011