The 4400 3.02: Being Tom Baldwin review

The One Where: Tom’s a killer! Or is he?

AIR-DATE: 18/06/06

Written by:
Shintaro Shimosawa and James Morris

Colin Bucksey

Sean Marquette, Leanne Adachi, Garrett Dillahunt

Rating: 2.5/5

Tom goes to interrogate TJ, but he shoots her in the head! It’s not really him, of course, but returnee Boyd Gelder, who can take on anyone else’s appearance at will. Disguised as Tom, Boyd takes Alana hostage, but she hits him with a vase. Tom and Boyd struggle and Alana holds them both at gunpoint. She finally realises which is the real Tom because the fake one has a head injury from the vase, and Boyd is arrested.

Isabelle makes a list of rites of passage that she’s missed, which includes asking Shawn to have sex with her. He refuses, but with Matthew’s help she seduces him later with very little effort.

Diana tells Dr Burkhoff that the experiment has to stop because his kidneys are failing. He’s developing regenerative powers though, which he demonstrates by stabbing himself in the hand.

It’s disappointing to see such a clichéd plot here, especially since the writers haven’t done anything especially interesting with it. It’s easy to tell when Boyd is impersonating someone and it’s hard to believe everyone else can be so relaxed about security, despite knowing about his power. Pull your socks up, The 4400!

Diana: “It doesn’t always work? You just put a scalpel through the back of your hand!” Dr Burkhoff: “I know. I was nervous about that.”

Leah Holmes

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