The Witcher Remake will come out after The Witcher 4 and use the same "base technologies"

Geralt from The Witcher
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The Witcher Remake is going to be built in part on the same technology powering The Witcher 4, and that means the sequel is coming before we get to revisit the world of the original.

The Witcher Remake "will come after Polaris [the codename for The Witcher 4], which is a consequence of how we view this project," CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński said in a recent financial call. "The remake will be largely based on technologies used in Polaris, so development will proceed in parallel with Polaris, but once Polaris is launched, its base technologies will be ready for partial reuse in the remake."

Curiously, the official transcript quoted above is slightly edited from Kiciński's actual remarks during the call, emphasizing that only Polaris's base tech will be reused for the remake.

During the report, Kiciński also explicitly chose not to answer when Sirius, the Witcher spin-off being developed by The Molasses Flood, would launch in relation to the other two games. "We are not saying whether Sirius will come before or after Polaris - only that these three Witcher games will be the first games we’re going to launch in our pipeline."

The Witcher Remake is being developed in partnership between CD Projekt Red and Fool's Theory, and will expand the original game's open-ended zones into a full open world - a transition we reckon could help smooth over some of the original Witcher's biggest issues.

For a big breakdown of all the many, many upcoming CD Projekt Red games in development, from new entries in the Cyberpunk and Witcher series to a new IP, you can follow that link.

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