The Witcher 3 Switch update adds PC cross-save and improved graphics

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Bless the eternal flame - The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch is getting a massive update that will improve graphics and allow users to cross-save on PC. 

Word of the update first appeared on Reddit late on February 17, with links to a Korean website claiming a graphics and save date share patch had gone live overseas. A February 18 tweet from the official Witcher game account confirms update 3.6 exists, and it's gone live worldwide. The patch includes "save file integration with GOG and Steam, and adds more graphical settings making it possible to customize visual fidelity, among others."

This update is a huge deal, as it will now allow PC users to download their saves to the Switch version and continue their games on the go. That means you'll be able to slay noonwraiths and down everluce wherever your heart of stone desires. The value of cross-saving in a game as expansive as The Witcher 3 cannot be understated - this is a big deal, and it's a great example of developers understanding the use case of RPG titles on the Switch.

As far as the graphics optimization goes, the Reddit leak claims players will be able to toggle features like motion blur, bloom, depth of field, and light shafts on or off. Twitter user Nibellion posted a side-by-side shot that reportedly depicts the graphical changes. Check it out below and see if you can spot the differences.

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While it doesn't look like much, the improved graphics probably read best while the game is in motion, especially if the updates revolve around movement-based visuals.

If you're a Switcher player, keep an eye out for the update, which is imminent.

For the time being, check out this story about playing The Witcher 3 while both Geralt and player are drunk.

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