The Witcher 3 snowboard mod lets Geralt slay the slopes

The Witcher 3 snowboard mod is completely absurd and exactly what we need right now.

The mod by Feregorn is properly titled Geralt VGX Snowboarder and is available to download now on NexusMods. It's a nod to the snowboard demo that CD Projekt Red jokingly created before The Witcher 3 came out, and it turns the built-in sliding movement that Geralt does when he starts to slip down steep slopes into its own extreme sport - complete with a new snowboard "sword." Also some snow goggles for safety and comfort, since Geralt can get moving pretty fast on that thing.

The coolest way to start snowboarding once you have the mod installed is to head to the new Snowboard Altar over Kaer Trolde Bay in Skellige and loot it from there - failing that, you can buy it from a merchant or spawn it manually with console commands. Equip the snowboard, press the jump button, and prepare for downhill domination. Geralt can even go into switch stance and back to normal by pressing the jump button again.

If any bandits try to stop you from shredding the slopes of Skellige, the modded snowboard can also be used as a steel sword in a pinch. After you finish cutting a man's head off with your deck you can strap it right back to Geralt's feet and resume shredding. Let's see Henry Cavill do that in The Witcher season 2. No, really, it would be awesome to see that. Ideally every form of media would involve at least one extreme sport.

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