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The Witcher 2 debut trailer

The original Witcher was an incredible, unique RPG experience, and if you love a good-old fantasy yarn, but yearned for something different, but didn't play The Witcher, you really missed out. In its world, everything is a bit more realistic, a whole lot dirtier and seedier, and certainly smuttier than your typical Tolkien-clone.

Where else can you find Elves that are considered Terrorists? How about racism against "non-humans"? The Witcher 2 trailer looks like it will continue the truly mature tone of Geralt's monster-hunting adventures.

It seems that tensions between Humans and the other races - Elves, Dwarves, etc. haven't eased since the war ended.Yet why doesGeralt look considerably younger in the trailer? It's possible that his depiction looks different because he's using a placeholder model, or it's just a stylistic choice. While it would be interesting to delve into Geralt's past in possible flashbacks, we'd rather see a focus on the aftermath of the events from the first game, since the Witcher's greatest strength is its long-reaching, morally difficult decisions. We'd like to see consequences of choicesfrom the first game carry over to the the sequel, a la Mass Effect 2.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has a current release window of Q1 2011.

Mar 23, 2010