The Warriors to hang with PSP

Thursday 19 October 2006
Last year Rockstar gave '70s punchsploitation flick The Warriors a new lease of life as a PS2 and Xbox brawler - and now it's to make a comeback on PSP as well.

Announced by Rockstar president Sam Houser as "setting the definitive bar for the brawler genre on PSP by delivering an extremely stylish and exceptionally deep experience," it won't be a straight port of the console game but a reworking by the studio responsible for Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories.

So it's in good hands and should fill the gap for PSP punch-and-kickers where the stonking Tekken: Dark Resurrection was afraid to go - that is, into the free-roaming streets of 70's New York in gang riots. Now, how long do we have to wait for Canis Canem Edit Stories?

We'll have more on The Warriors on PSP as soon as Rockstar dishes out the first details.