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The virtual junkie's guide to gaming's drug spots

1 Nov, 2007

The junkie typically resides in the lowest sewers of humanity. Whether crack addict, alcoholic, coke head or speed freak, sustaining a habit of excessive drug taking is a tangle-footed stagger along life's shadiest alleyways with few rewards, but with plenty of broken souls and vomit-stained hardships.

In the magical make-believe lands of gaming, however, the pursuit of substance abuse can be indulged without suffering any consequence more severe than a harmless Game Over. Which really isn't much of a deterrent for our virtual vessels.

So while we're comfortable in the knowledge that we never want to wake up with nothing but the cold sweat of malevolent addiction for company, we're more than happy to get our in-game personas absolutely wankered on whatever poison developers care to push on us. Whether genuine drugs or fantasy highs - we'll happily gobble the lot like cold turkeys with rumbling bellies.

For the benefit of all virtual junkies wanting to get absolutely loaded, then, here is our not-particularly essential guide to some of gaming's most notable drug spots...