The Total Film Top 100 Movie Characters Of All Time - 25 to 1

25 Jules Winnfield Pulp Fiction

24 Tommy DeVito GoodFellas

23 Annie Hall Annie Hall

22 Atticus Finch To Kill A Mockingbird

21 Donnie Darko Donnie Darko

20 Clarice Starling The Silence Of The Lambs; Hannibal

19 Norman Bates Psycho

18 John McClane Die Hard quadrilogy

17 Shrek Shrek trilogy

16 Bridget Jones Bridget Jones’s Diary; Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

15 Yoda Star Wars: Episodes 1-3, 5 & 6

14 Jason Bourne The Bourne trilogy

13 Tyler Durden Fight Club

12 Maximus Gladiator

11 Batman Batman series

10 Hannibal Lecter Manhunter; The Silence Of The Lambs; Hannibal; Red Dragon; Hannibal Rising

9 Han Solo Star Wars: Episodes 4-6

8 Michael Corleone The Godfather trilogy

7 Ellen Ripley Alien quadrilogy

6 Travis Bickle Taxi Driver

5 Gollum The Lord Of The Rings trilogy

4 Indiana Jones Indiana Jones trilogy

3 James Bond James Bond series

2 Darth Vader Star Wars: Episodes 3-6

1 Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy

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